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George Skurtu

Vice President, Textile Recycling Division

George Skurtu joined The Arc of the Peninsulas in 2018 and worked hard to step into the role of Vice President, Textile Recycling Division in 2020. As Vice President, Mr. Skurtu oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency's clothing & used goods business. Since taking on his current role, the department has significantly increased production and revenue while decreasing workplace accidents.

Mr. Skurtu is passionate about adding Value to People, Personal Development, Leadership, Business, and Mental Health. Mr. Skurtu has a servant's heart, having organized fundraisers for suicide prevention and awareness before joining The Arc. Mr. Skurtu views his employment at The Arc as a natural continuation of his deep commitment and service to others.

“Influence through Questions, Inspire through Action, and live with Intention.”

George Skurtu

direct: 360.377.3473

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