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Admission to the Friday Night Dance is now free.

Friday Night Dance admission fee has been discontinued, and all dances are now free for our member-clients.

BREMERTON, WA (June 26, 2022) - The Board of Directors for The Arc of the Peninsulas is pleased to announce that all admission fees for the Friday Night Dance have been eliminated; the dance is now free to all member-clients.

"I am absolutely thrilled our Board has decided to waive all Friday Night Dance fees. This is a huge win for our members." - Chris Tibbs, President & CEO.

About the Friday Night Dance

“The Dance” is one of The Arc’s most popular programs since 1978 and strives to increase social skills, meaningful participation, and self-determination, all in a recreational opportunity. It is an evening where the community comes together in a safe environment to have fun, meet friends, and of course, dance. The dance is most Friday nights from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

The Friday Night Dance has been suspended for the summer due to a renovation of The Arc Enrichment Center but will be returning in full force on September 9th.


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