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About Paid Time Off Benefit

The Arc offers PTO as a combined sick leave and vacation leave benefit.


After satisfactory completion of the introductory period (six months), regular full-time and part-time employees, working at least 20 hours per week, may take accrued PTO at such time as it is mutually agreed upon with his or her supervisor to assure continuity in staffing for operations.  Employees may use accrued PTO prior to the end of the introductory period if they are unable to report to work due to illness or injury; however, the report of illness or injury is deemed merely a notification of absence.  The approval of PTO, for illness or injury, will be determined on the employee’s return to work.  A medical certification may be required when an employee has been off work in excess of three (3) consecutive days, or if the nature of the illness is such that other employees or clients of the agency may be endangered.  PTO is accrued beginning on the date of hire and increases based on the accrual schedule below. No more than 80 hours may be carried over past December 31 to the following calendar year without written approval of the Executive Director.


Employees are required to give as much notice as possible when requesting PTO.  Reasonable consideration will be given in situations where notice cannot be given Payment in lieu of PTO is not authorized. The accrual rate is based on the employee’s length of employment and number of regular hours worked per week.  PTO is not paid on overtime hours. Additional accrued PTO may be taken in increments of one hour or longer as determined by the employee and approved by the supervisor.  Exceptions to this policy will be made on an individual basis by the Executive Director. All extended leave requests must be reviewed by the Executive Director to assure that program needs will be met. 

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